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All our jewelry, with the exception of Jewelmesh, is made in New York City. That means we cast the gold here and we assemble and polish it here - and set the stones here. This gives us complete control of the quality we ship to you. Our production department inspects every piece four times during the manufacturing process – after casting, assembly, setting and final polish. Then as if 4 times were not enough- an order is checked to make sure all the gemstone colors look right together before we ship it – that the earrings ring and pendant in a suite match for example.

The 14k yellow gold we use is actually called “green gold” as it doesn’t contain a high content of copper. This gives our 14k gold a soft yellow color much like that of our 18k. This color of metal works better with all shades of gemstones.  Our white gold is always rhodium plated. And finally all of the Color Story product lines are available in 14 and 18 karat gold with the exception of Jewelmesh.

All the gemstones above 4.0 mm are hand cut for us in a custom facet arrangement called the “diagonal checkerboard”. Whether round, pearshape, square or rectangular we use this same cut in everything we make to unify the look and the collections. The gemstones below 4mm that we use are automatic machine cut. These are the finest and most uniform cut for small size gemstones in the world.

Gemstone Codes: Ame=Amethyst : Iol=Iolite : BT= Blue Topaz : Cit=Citrine: SQ= Smokey Quartz: Per=Peridot : PT=Pink Tourmaline : WT=White Topaz : FR= French Rose Amethyst : Gar=Garnet : Mint=Green Amethyst : LB=London Blue Topaz : LC=Lemon Citrine : GT=Green Tourmaline : Conf=Confetti or multi-gemstone.

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