Design Philosophy
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My customer is every woman of any age with the confidence to express herself. She is a little more of a risk taker. Wearing color speaks more clearly about her personality than white diamond jewelry and it is for this customer that I have been designing Color Story. But not every risk taker has the same taste or style. I design my collections to appeal to women in every walk of life. Whether you are a working mom, a grandmother or college student there is Color Story jewelry that will fit your lifestyle.  Whether you have a colorful wardrobe to accessorize or Color Story jewelry is the only color you wear, the selection I offer is unmatched. Just as most women believe that “one can’t have too many pairs of shoes”- I believe you should also have an earring for every dress.

My design philosophy is to build on what came before. I won’t abandon last year’s designs for a new collection, but instead I will expand on it or take it in a new direction without losing the reason it was successful to begin with. This way you can become collectors and build a meaningful wardrobe of fine jewelry.

The wonderful thing about working with color is that new and exciting combinations come together every season and make it fun to design new pieces. I draw inspiration from my children, from nature, from architecture- there is nothing that doesn’t give a hint that it could be something else- even perhaps jewelry.

Our mission is threefold
  • To forge ahead into areas of jewelry design that are new and innovative and that future generations will find
  • To satisfy our consumers’ desires, dreams and expectations.
  • To make the Color Story brand the consumer’s number one choice for colored stone jewelry.

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