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Stock size is 6 1/4- Jumbo version R3448 with 12mm center also available
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Blue Topaz and Peridot Ring 
From the Rhapsody jewelry collection
in 14K yellow gold.
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Colors and Variations
R3384 SQ-PT R3384 SQ-CIT
R3384 SQ-BT R3384 PT-PER
R3384 PER-PT R3384 PER-BT
R3384 LC-PT R3384 LC-FR
R3384 LB-BT R3384 IOL-BT
R3384 GAR-CIT R3384 FR-PT
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R3384 BT-PER   R3373 FR-AME   E3373 BT-IOL   PND3373 CIT-PT   E3408 AME-PT   PND3408 PER-BT   E3401-8 BT
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